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Phoenix Fabrikations, since 1968 pioneer in nonwoven rolls and stocklots

Nonwoven products

Phoenix Technical Fabrics can offer a wide range of non-woven fabrics for a number of technical markets and applications.

These include;

  • Composites:

"Composites" refers to a range of engineering materials consisting of high strength/high modulus reinforcing fibres and a plastic matrix. Reinforcing fibres may be glass, carbon, para aramid, basalt, ceramic etc. The plastic matrix may be thermoset (such as polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy) or thermoplastic (such as nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, PEEK, PEK etc.). Technical non-woven fabrics are used extensively in the manufacture of composites to enhance the properties of the engineering materials and aid the manufacturing process.


  • Filtration


  • Construction:

For the building industry Phoenix is supplying PHOENIX Perfo 110, a polyester 110 gr/m² reinforcement nonwoven for application in liquid waterproofing systems.

PHOENIX Perfo 110 has a full perforation without any post-production die-cut pinholes to optimize impregnation and degassing of the waterproofing components. This perforation will reduce the application time by 30% compared to standard needle punched felts, without any risk of locked-in air bubbles.

PHOENIX Perfo 110 comes on rigid rolls for easy unrolling. The high elasticity enables following complex 3D shapes. PHOENIX Perfo 110 is low linting, even on manual cuts.

PHOENIX Perfo 110 is compatible with most types of 1 and 2 component products.

  • Perforation for 30% faster impregnation and better adhesion
  • Rigid material for faster unrolling and easy cutting
  • Low linting; no loose fibers which can cause possible leakages through pin holes
  • High elasticity for complex 3D shapes
  • Homogenous thickness for optimal liquid distribution
  • Available in standard 50 m rolls, width 100 mm – 1050 mm