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Phoenix Technical Fabrics bv introduced a range of synthetic surfacing veils for composites based on polyester fibres.

With specifications designed to complement a wide range of composite manufacturing processes, the product characteristics are highlighted below:

Product SL 40            

a 40g/m“flat” white binder free polyester veil, designed to give excellent coverage and reduced reinforcement print through.

Product SL 40B

a 40g/m“flat” white polyester veil with added binder to give high “stiffness” for improved dimensional stability, reduced necking and wrinkling for use with higher tension processing.

Product SLA 45

a 45g/mfine apertured binder free polyester veil with higher wet out rates and giving a characteristic patterned surface.

Product SLB 60

a 60g/m“flat” black binder free polyester veil made using fine denier, solution dyed black fibres designed to give full even black finish with no bleed of colour into the resin.

Product SLB 80

as SLB 60 only at 80g/mto ensure fuller black finish.


Nominal specifications* of the synthetic veils in this product range:

SL 40

SL 40B  

SLA 45

SLB 60  

SLB 80



White White White Black Black


Flat Flat +
Flat Flat

Areal weight g/m2:  

40 40 45 60 80

Thickness mm:

0.40 0.36 0.55 0.58 0.65
Tensile strength:          
N/mm MD   130/50    130/50 150/50 200/50 200/50
N/mm CD 75/50 75/50 50/50 125/50 225/50
% MD 30 15 40 35 60
% CD 65 55 75 60 70

Binder added:


< 5%




*The data contained herein are nominal and are not intended to be a guaranteed specification. Full TDS, including test standards available upon request.

The user must be satisfied that the product is entirely suitable for the purpose.

Synthetic veils for composites are suitable for use in most composite manufacturing processes including hand lay-up, pultrusion, mandrel and filament winding, tape winding and roll wrapping, RTM and VARTM, vacuum infusion, continuous laminating, stitch or adhesive bonded combination fabrics etc.

Synthetic veils for composites are available pre slit to customer specified widths and lengths, or as full rolls for customer slitting.

For more information, contact Phoenix Technical Fabrics bv:

Synthetic veils for Composites
Synthetic veils for pultrusion