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Polyester tissue for pultrusion

Surface Veils for Pultrusion

A surfacing veil is a vital component in a pultruded profile. Pultrusion is a dynamic process whereby the reinforcement, having passed through a resin bath, is pulled through a heated die to produce a composite component of constant profile. As the process is dynamic, the inclusion of a surfacing veil is the optimum method used to impart a wide range of properties to the surface of the pultruded profile.

These properties include:-

  • High quality surface finish
  • Reduced reinforcement print through
  • Elimination of surface penetration of reinforcing fibres
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Improved resistance to UV discolouration and degradation
  • Surface conductivity

In addition to the enhanced properties of the pultruded profile, a surfacing veil also improves the pultrusion process itself and gives the benefits of reducing die wear, lowering pulling forces and increasing line speeds.

The use of a surfacing mat with isotropic properties also gives a significant  degree of hoop strength to pultruded profiles such as tubes, “L” sections and “U” channels where the main reinforcement is unidirectional.

Phoenix Technical Fabrics supplies a range of surfacing veils and mats in the product range called Syntexwhich includes:-

  1. synthetic veils for general purpose GRP pultrusions
  2. carbon fibre veil for carbon based pultrusions
  3. products with tailored levels of conductivity for profiles such as cable trays and ladders, mining ducts, support and access structures in petrochemical and offshore plants which require surface antistatic properties