Phoenix Technical Fabrics rools, wipes and stocklots

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Phoenix Fabrikations, since 1968 pioneer in nonwoven rolls and stocklots


We can offer a variety of converting services to meet customer’s requirements.

Phoenix’ slitting machines can accept master rolls in maximum width of 2100 mm and a maximum diameter of 2000 mm; slitting capability is a  minimum cut of 30 mm with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm.

The slitting service is also available for external parties with their own materials.

Phoenix’ folding machines offer various folding types, M, Quarter or Z fold. With various cylinder types we are able to offer a wide range of wipes. We are able to offer Private Label products with printed logo’s, packaging in individual bags etc. Phoenix’ has also a close cooperation with a dyeing company in order to offer also this additional service.

In addition, Phoenix can offer perforated rolls in various widths and sizes, impregnation of nonwovens and flat laid wipes cut by guillotine.

All services above converting services are available for both Phoenix’ Nonwovens as well as loan converting.